Day Minus 20

If we’re going to start at ground zero of my life as I like to call it, we must first take it back a notch (20 days to be exact) in order to gain a bit of context of where I was and where I expected to go in life.

The Promotion

Working at a financial analyst firm, it wasn’t uncommon for me to work 15 hour days. This was in fact the norm around the office, with most people feeling guilty if they headed home after only 12 hours. In hindsight, not the best life I had, but a busy one indeed. It was hard to tell just how to get promoted when every Jr. Analyst was working this way. That was until a few recommendations of mine made the company a lot of money, and I mean a lot of money. The kind I could retire on if I had the capital to back the investments myself. So, needless to say I was promoted (with a hint at making partner someday).

The Relationship

Just as soon as my promotion arrived, my relationship ended. My girlfriend, Sue, at the time, had had enough of the long hours and late nights, expecting it only to get worse with the promotion. I thought for sure it would be less due to more of a “managerial” role versus “grunt work”, but boy was I wrong – for at least the next 20 days.


Blue now at 1.5 years

The Dog, Blue

As my relationship came to an end I decided to adopt the puppy I had been visiting at the local shelter (since about ground zero minus 36 days). It just seemed right. Again, in hindsight I was likely too busy to look after a puppy like that. But, I got Blue – and he is awesome!